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Our Facility

Just a Few Steps From 7th Ave C-Train Station

JSKL Kids R Fun Daycare in Downtown Calgary, as the name implies, we're centrally located in a convenient location in the heart of Calgary downtown area. Depending on your mode of travel, our facility can be easily accessed either from our front entrance on 7th Ave SW facing the CTrain line, or from our private gated garage entrance through the back of the building between 6th Ave SW and 7th Ave SW. If this is your first time visiting, please feel free to call us anytime to get detailed directions.

With over 4500 Square Feet of Indoor space and 2700 Square Feet of safe, fully fenced-in, private Outdoor playground, Kids R Fun Downtown Daycare is proud to be one of the largest and most well established child care facilities in the area. We occupy the entire second floor of our building, with private indoor access, fenced outdoor areas, and security cameras situated in all areas to ensure the safety of your child. Routine fire and emergency drills are conducted , our experienced and professional staff team are always well equipped and ready to manage any situations that may arise.

We became a fully Accredited childcare facility in 2016, and have remained Accredited ever since. This is the highest standards for child care facilities and we're proud to continue our tradition of continuing to serve our families and local community with high quality childcare services. Come ask about becoming a member of our Parent Board, an advisory committee with a direct line of communication to our management team to ensure all your feedback are well received and acted upon.

Our Facility: Our Mission

Driving Directions

Can't find us? Here's some tips to help guide you to our facility!

Keep Scrolling Down for Map

Although our facility is conveniently located in the heart of busy downtown Calgary, we have the luxury of a private, gated and covered parking lot available for use by all of our families and visitors.

Please see below for a simple map for the two easy access routes to our childcare facility:

- If you're coming by driving West on 6th Ave SW, make a left turn into the driveway just before the train tracks at 9 St SW and you'll see a BLUE dome covered ramp going upstairs leading to our private parking lot

- If you're coming via driving North on 8th St SW, after passing Mcdonalds and the CTrain tracks you'll immediately see a Tim Hortons on your left, make a left turn into the alleyway beside the Tim Hortons and drive all the way to the end to reach the BLUE dome covered ramp going upstairs leading to our private parking lot

The BLUE ramp going upstairs will take you right to the entrance of our gated parking garage.

Please feel free to call us at 403-719-9199 if you're unsure or need some extra details on directions, JSKL Kids R Fun Daycare is always here to help!

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