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Junior Pre-K Play School


Children at this age need more attention in a caring and loving environment that help their smooth transition from one phase to another (from toddlers to pre-Kindergarten) and help build their personality, independence, and discipline in a healthy and caring way. 

At Kids R Fun’s junior pre-K playschool in Calgary, we focus on:

1- Giving children the independence to be responsible for their actions.

2- Supporting children to develop their own discipline by watching their actions and correcting them in a calm and clear manner.

3- Nurturing the children’s essential needs in a healthy, loving and caring environment that will help them to build a healthy strong body.

4- Providing children with age-appropriate toys and plan suitable activities for their age, which will help them build their personality and independence.

Care within our Calgary junior pre-K playschool room offers a free choice of play and planned activities. Our Learning centers will be available to the pre-K playschool children at any time of the day. They will have the choice to practice different skills through play such as: 

· Explore, predict and problem-solving in the science/sensory center.

· Using different art techniques such as cutting, painting, drawing and gluing in the creative art center.

·Learning spatial relationships (on, under, near, far, up, down, etc.) that consolidate knowledge of shapes, colors, and size. 

· Play/act out scenes of adult life such as a doctor, family, and grocery store in the dramatic center. Planned activities are posted weekly and have different topics that are culturally and academically motivating.

The children learn different concepts such as numbers, letters, shapes, colors, sequencing, and patterning. They are encouraged to recognize, name and trace numbers and letters. Group Circle time is interactive to develop the children’s expressive language through songs, stories, and games.

Junior Preschool: Programs
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