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This is a very vital age where children need considerable attention and care. They need a caring and loving environment that enables them to grow strong both physically and mentally.
In order to provide children with this environment our main focus is:
1- Nurture the children in a healthy, loving and caring environment that will foster balanced growth.
2- Provide children with age-appropriate toys that will develop their intellectual and emotional skills.
3- Allow more play and activity time (physical activity) to help them develop their motor skills.
4- Regular stroller walks in the community which will provide children interaction with the public and society which will provide a sound basis to develop social and physical skills.
Our purpose is to nurture the child’s essential needs, in a healthy and loving environment. Our infants are supervised within a thorough regimen of body care, feeding, resting and sleeping. The development of their social skills is learned through an assortment of playful learning experiences. The children can explore creativity and imagination through play both indoors and outdoors. Infants have a separate outdoor playground with age-appropriate toys.